• Mary Kay Ravenola

Opening Information!!!

Good afternoon,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. I am planning on 9 holes of golf around 5 PM myself today! It is hard to believe that we are finally going to begin our school year and we are all so excited to see your child whether that is in person or virtually.

Huge thanks goes out to so many parents and students who helped to make desk vehicles for our K-4 children. In two weeks this was accomplished. They are installed and so welcoming! I am unable to thank each and every person but need to mention the leaders for each group. Madeline Poll, a high school student, designed and her whole family built the jeeps for K! Iris Hermann led the charge organizing the work for all the vehicles and then created the yellow submarines for our grade 1 & 2 children with help from many others. Lastly, Andra West and her mom led the charge and built the Moon Rovers and Spaceships for our 3rd and 4th graders with other CCS students. Again, I wish I could list everyone who helped because it was surely a CCS community effort. Thank you all so much!! Enjoy the pictures next and then read on for important information about the school year.

First I need to stress that in order for our school to stay open for in person learning, please remember to do a Daily Home Screening Check with your child(ren). Nurse Clare Rashkoff shared this form with all parents last week. Staff will be doing this as well. It is better to err on the side of caution and keep your child home if he/she has any symptoms or you feel they are not themselves. You know your child best. Feel free to call Clare for advice and guidance.

Please click here for the 2020-2021 CCS Arrival & Dismissal Procedures for this year. Please understand that initially it will not be smooth but eventually we will get a system that is efficient. If you are dropping off and/or picking up your child any day, please remain in your car. Remember that we only want staff and students in the building so no one is allowed in the building except for staff and students. Please call the office with any questions or concerns. Any parent meetings will be held either by phone or Zoom.

Please click here for a CCS Welcome Back Video that you can share with your child(ren) talking about the first day. As I have mentioned many times, this year will be a year of changes so please stay flexible. Teachers will be spending the first few days going over all these so children do not need to worry about understanding everything right away. Here are some highlights and changes that are in the video to share with your child(ren). :

  1. Lunch: In the video it states that lunch will be in the classroom. I am excited to share that since the 7th grade group was split into 2 classes, we are now able to have lunch in either the gathering room or the gym. Our amazing custodians, Mr. Selino and Mr. Brown, created barriers for the lunch tables in the gathering room and are working on ones for the gym. Currently the gym has desks but we are hoping to go to tables with clear barriers so that students can eat at a table and see a friend just like in the gathering room. Reminder that students need to bring a cold lunch or heated one in a thermos. We are not able to heat food up in microwaves for safety reasons.

  2. Hallways: In the video, it showed a line in the middle of the hallway. Please let your child know that you always walk to the right of the line and are closer to the wall. In the video, it states that there will be Coyote Footprints on the floor but unfortunately that did not work out as they kept coming off the rug. There are now green arrows as well on each side that will guide them. On the blue line which again is in the middle, there are squares of green every six feet that they can use to keep distance between them and their peers.

  3. Recess: Our outstanding physical education teacher, Mr Boucher, is going to be providing options for students at recess that are touchless games. Unfortunately, for now we are not going to be using the playscape. We are going to hopefully come up with a plan to have cohorts use it if it is safe to do so and we can have proper protocols to wash hands and use it with social distancing.

  4. Outdoor Spaces: We have purchased outdoor canopies so that each cohort can have their own designated area outside. They were backordered and we just received them last Friday. We are working with the town to see if they can assist getting these up. If not, we may be seeking support from families. Please send in a beach towel that can stay at school for your child to use outside. We are going to be going out if the weather allows us to as much as possible. It would be good to have your child wear layers so that they can adjust to hot or cold conditions. Windows will be open in classrooms so that air can be sucked out by window fans when we are in school.

Please click here for a Region 1 video on Masks & Hand Washing . Also, click here to read the CT Dept of Ed's Addendum 11 Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings in School. Pages 5-7 have some valuable information in regards to mask types and recommendations. Please note that Neck Gaiters and Bandanas may or may not provide adequate droplet control. These may need to be layered and sized appropriately. Children may be seen by Nurse Clare Rashkoff for adjustments to such coverings if needed.

WOW! I think and hope I covered it all. Thank you all again for all your support and patience in this interesting time of opening the school safely and as close to normal as possible. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Looking forward to seeing your children on Tuesday!