Cathy Binkowski - Gr. 3/4

Aaron Boucher - Physical Education/Health

Tom Brown - Custodian

Candise Carlson - Kindergarten Teacher

Angie Coleman - Occupational Therapist

Tricia Collins - Educational Paraprofessional

Christina Hanley - Art

Jane Hanley - World Language

Jandi Hanna - Speech & Language Pathologist

Suki Hatcher - Special Education

Zachary Hebert - Middle School ELA

Jennifer Hill - Reading Interventionist

Taylor Hurley - 1&2 Grade Teacher

Suzanne Ingellis - Education Paraprofessional

Anne Kosciusko - Board Clerk

Karen Lindstrom

Laura Munson - Library Paraprofessional

Vicki Nelson - 3 Grade Teacher and Technology

Danielle Krueger - Math

Brittany Perrone - Guidance Counselor

Kristi Pramuka - 1&2 Grade Teacher 

Clare Rashkoff - Nurse

Mary Kay Ravenola - Principal

Patty Rovezzi - Administrative Assistant

Brigette Schmidt-Geyselaers - Paraprofessional

Pete Selino - Head Custodian

Alicia Simonetti-Shpur - Music 

William Vincent - Social Studies and English

Kathy West - Science

Binkowski, Cathy - Gr. 3/4

Boucher, Aaron -  P.E.

Brown, Tom - Custodian

Burdick, Bonnie - Gr. K/1/2

Coleman, Angie - OT

Collins, Patricia - Paraprofessional/Special Ed.

Corvello, Patricia - Interim Principal

Dealy, Anne - Psychologist

Hanley, Christina - Art

Hanley, Jane - World Language/Spanish

Hanna, Jandi - Speech Pathologist

Hatcher, Susan - Special Ed. (Gr. K-8)

Herz, Ronalee - P/T

Hurley, Taylor - Language Arts Gr. 3-6

Ingellis, Suzanne - Paraprofessional/LEAPSS

Jacquier, Amanda - Paraprofessional/Special Ed.

Kosciusko, Anne - Board Clerk

Krueger, Danielle - Math (Gr.5-8)

Law, Jenny - Associate Interim Principal

Massucci, Linda - Title One Reading

Munson, Laura - Paraprofessional/Library

Nelson, Victoria - Library Media/Technology

Perotti, Melissa - P/T

Pramuka, Kristi - Gr. K/1/2

Rashkoff, Clare - Nurse

Rovezzi, Patricia - Administrative Assistant

Schmidt-Geyselaers, Brigitte Paraprofessional - /Gr. K/1/2

Selino, Peter - Head Custodian

Simonetti-Shpur, Alicia - Music

Stiewing, Candise - Gr. 3/4

Tingley, Hal - Psychologist

Vincent, William - SS Gr. 5-8 & Lang. Arts Gr. 7/8

West, Katherine - Science Gr. 5-8

         The Cornwall Board of Education prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious creed, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression, disability, status as a Veteran, or any classification protected by state or federal law in admission to, access to, treatment in or employment in its programs and activities.

         The employee designated to coordinate the Board of Education efforts with regard to any complaints of unlawful discrimination is the Superintendent of Schools, 246 Warren Turnpike Road, Falls Village, Connecticut 06031. The superintendent’s phone number is (860) 824-0855. Inquiries regarding this non-discrimination policy may be referred to the superintendent of schools or to the Regional District, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, J. W. McCormack Post Office and Courthouse building, Room 222, Boston, Massachusetts 02109-4557, (617) 223-9662. 

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